Name: Jamal Khamis, Prof under the Department of Arts
Birth: May 1, 1952, Arroub, Jordan
Nationality: Dutch
Current location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


1974-1975 Studied painting at the Artschool of Remscheid, Germany 1976-1980 Studied painting at the Art Acadamy in Frankfurt, Germany 1984-1995 Educational visits to several art academies and private art schools in Remscheid, Paris, Amsterdam and Rotterdam


Jamal Khamis is a well-known international artist. He is included in the world art encyclopaedia "The World Art Collection", which was published in march 2002. The atlas is composed by an international jury of famous curators, who selected 1001 artists from all over the world. In 2003 he was included in The Middle East Encyclopaedia and The New Netherlands Cultural Panorama Encyclopaedia.

Jamal Khamis received a letter of honour from His Royal Highness King Abdallah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and received the honour title: Excellence.

Jamal Khamis was honoured with the medal of Yarmouk University in Jordan.

Jamal Khamis was included in The Middle East Encyclopaedia, which is published in Kuwait.

Jamal Khamis received the El Hizjra Award in The Netherlands.

The ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in The Hague Dr Mazen Armouti honoured Jamal Khamis at the Jordanian embassy.

Jamal Khamis was included in the Dutch encyclopaedia series “Kunsten in beweging” (Arts in movement), portraying the influence of foreign artists on the Dutch artscape.

Jamal Khamis was included in the Original Art Collection, published by the Dutch Kunstvademecum.

International Art Accademia Del Verbano (Italy) titled Jamal Khamis as "Professor" and "newest associated academician under the department of Arts".

The Italian international art awards from the Michelangelo Buonarroti Foundation titled Jamal Khamis as "Maestro".

The International Academy of fine arts, literature and science Gentilizia Il Marzocco Florence City awarded Khamis the "Grand Prix International Jean Simeon Chardin".

The International Academy of fine arts, literature and science Gentilizia Il Marzocco Florence City awarded Khamis the "International Galileo Galilei Award".

Other activities

Jamal Khamis has published a total of seven collections of story's and poems in Jordan and The Netherlands. He also wrote multiple articles on art in several Jordanian newspapers. The documentary “Jamal Khamis’ Art” has been shown on national television in the Netherlands, England, Germany, China, Jordan and Dubai. He was a member of the German Artists Union, the Dutch Artists Union, the Dutch Writers Union and the International Writers Union. Khamis was the founder of the Toro Action Art Movement International (1999) and the Dutch Artist and Creative Intellectuals Foundation (1994). He also guided several artists in the development of their expression of art.


Khamis took part in group exhibitions in America, Canada, Japan, Brasil, Argentina and Australia. His solo exhibitions also cover a large area of the world.
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Cobra Museum

”The work of Jamal Khamis is remarkably powerfull, unique and beautifully implemented.”

Director Tuyl van G. Stedelijk Museum

”I’m greatly impressed with the work and c.v. of Jamal Khamis.”

Aguilar P. Art Approach LLC, New York

"Exhibiting an impeccable instinct for the emotionally evocative power of colour, movement, texture, and shape, he shines as an artist whose work relates more to a state of mind, mood or feeling than a tangible object."

Kunsten in Beweging, The Netherlands

"On the large canvasses at his exhibition. Khamis' brush, moving in a fluid manner, appears to be looking for freedom and happiness."

Tineke F. Lonte. Art historian

"The colours come from within, not from external logic. He works fast, not because he wants to, but because the spontaneity of his methods requires such an explosive discharge."

Frenk der Nederlanden. Het Parool

"His abstract works in vivid colours seem to burst of the canvas."

Credited By

Hans-Dietrich Genscher
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dr. jur. Paul Büchel
Mayor of Neu-Isenburg

Prince Charles

Dalai Lama

Edward Saïd
American literary theorist

Chedli Klibi
President Arab League

King Abdullah II

Queen Rania

Queen Noor

Hedy d'Ancona
Minister of Welfare, Health and Culture

Charles Groenhuijsen
Dutch journalist

Muthafar Al-Nawab
Grand Poet

Abdul Rahman Munif
Grand Arab Novelist

Yousef Abu Louz
Greatest Poet of Arabia

Musa Hawamdeh
Journalist and Poet

Krishna Salikram
Dutch journalist

Bert Sijben
Dutch gallery owner

Sylvie de Boer
Dutch gallery owner

Nico Duivesteijn
Writer, art-teacher and gallery owner

Mahmoud Darwish
Grand Poet

Prof Dr Rosemarie Buikema
Art historian

Maaike Meijer
Art historian

Gerda Telgenhof
Dutch journalist and writer

Ismail Shammout
Chairman, Palestinian Artists Association

Hans van Beusekom

Henno Eggenkamp
Dutch gallery owner

Chris Keulemans
Director of the Balie

Khalil Al-Zawahiri
Literature writer

Mofid Nahleh
Literature writer

I. Shwartz
Dutch journalist

Jamal Khamis (1983)

Associated Academician at  the Department of Arts: Professor Jamal Khamis

Grand Prix International Jean Simeon Chardin Award 2012

International Galileo Galilei Award 2014

International Galileo Galilei Award 2014