On November 11, Jamal Khamis received the International Galileo Galilei Award 2014. Khamis his art has been selected by The International Academy Gentilizia Il Marzocco in Livorno, Italy. The ceremony took place in the famous historic center of Florence.

Contemporary artists paid their tribute to the great scientist Galileo Galilei for the 450th Anniversary of his birth. The collection of works and poems establishes a union between the new trends of contemporary art and science. Jamal Khamis, selected by a professional jury, is awarded the International Galileo Galilei Award 2014.

The inauguration of his prize took place on Saturday, November 8 at 11:30 in the gallery of the historic center of Florence Via del Porcellana n. 32. The exhibition was open until November 19.

The event organized by the The International Academy Gentilizia Il Marzocco has collected many authoritative voices of Europe, which have exported works, pictures and poems across the world.

The painting for which Maestro Khamis was awarded is called ‘Heet in Stockholm’, meaning ‘Hot in Stockholm’. The acrylic on canvas painting features many conflicting colors in an abstract composition. Khamis combined different techniques in the painting. ‘Heet in Stockholm’ subtly hints to more recognizable shapes within a vibrant and chaotic environment.

Besides being awarded a prize medallion, the work of Khamis has been included in the magazine ‘Accademia’. The magazine is published throughout Italy and can be found in several academies and cultural institutions, where it is handed out for free. Furthermore, the magazine is archived in the central libraries of Rome and Florence. The Labronica Library in Livorno will also store the magazine.

This is not the first time Jamal Khamis has been honored by The International Academy Gentilizia Il Marzocco. He was previously awarded with the ‘Grand Prix International Georges de La Tour 2013’ and the ‘Grand Prix International Jean Simeon Chardin 2012’.