October 2 will mark the beginning of a new art exhibition with the art of Jamal Khamis. Visitors will be able to enjoy or even purchase Khamis’ art along with the art of several other artists at ‘Het Claverhuis’ in Amsterdam.

Cultural center ‘Het Claverhuis’, located at Elandsgracht 70, is holding the grand opening of a new art exhibition on Friday October 2 between 16:00 and 17:30. The exhibition will feature several paintings of Jamal Khamis. Besides the artworks of Jamal Khamis, the work of Dennis Daniëls, Jeroen Janssen, Lucas van Doorn and Michael Bernard Cornelisz will also be displayed.

Those visiting the opening will have the chance to meet Khamis along with several other artists. For those unable to attend, the group exhibition will remain open to the public for the rest of October, as well as November and December.

The exhibition takes place soon after Jamal Khamis received the Rome Imperial International Prize of 2015. This prestigious art prize was awarded to Jamal Khamis in recognition of the stylistic value of his artwork. Since 2012, Jamal Khamis has been awarded five international art prizes. Besides the Rome Imperial International Prize of 2015, he also received the International Galileo Galilei Award of 2014, the ‘Grand Prix Albo D'Oro’ of 2013, the ‘Grand Prix International Georges de La Tour’ of 2013 and the ‘Grand Prix International Jean Simeon Chardin’ of 2012.