Jamal Khamis has expanded his success in Italy by being awarded the Rome Imperial International Prize. Besides receiving an award, Khamis is also featured in the Italian art magazine Effetto Arte.

Jamal Khamis has officially been awarded the Rome Imperial International Prize, also known as the ‘Roma Imperiale International Prize’. This prestigious award is given to artists who have proven their artistic expertise over the years, rewarding their artistic merit. Khamis received his award for the stylistic value of his artwork.

The award ceremony was held inside the Bramante’s Rooms in Rome, the capital of Italy. The location is known for housing the famous tomb of Nerone. A limited amount of important artistic and cultural personalities gathered here to receive the reward.

In recognition of Khamis’ achievement by receiving the Rome Imperial International Prize, his artwork is included in the May - June issue of art magazine Effetto Arte. The magazine has an introductory piece of several pages dedicated to Rome and its imperial influences. After this introduction, the artworks of artists who received the Rome Imperial International Prize are displayed.

The painting that Khamis received his award for is called ‘Cheeks of a river.’ The abstract painting predominantly uses warm and bright colors, with many distinct figures and shapes hidden within the paint. It is an acrylic on canvas painting of 100 by 140 centimeters.

By winning the Rome Imperial International Prize, Jamal Khamis has sustained his winning streak in Italy. During the last few years, he also received the International Galileo Galilei Award of 2014, the ‘Grand Prix International Georges de La Tour’ of 2013 and the ‘Grand Prix International Jean Simeon Chardin’ of 2012.


Amsterdam honors Jamal Khamis

On Friday October 2, The Rome Imperial International Prize was awarded to Jamal Khamis in Amsterdam during a celebratory ceremony. Because Khamis was unable to attend, one of his students accepted the prize on his behalf.

Many artists and art lovers gathered together at ‘Het Claverhuis’ in Amsterdam. A ceremony was held to give Jamal Khamis the Rome Imperial International Prize of 2015. Unfortunately, Khamis was ill at the time and could not attend. One of his students, Quirine Kemper, accepted the award in his stead.

The evening also marked the beginning of Jamal Khamis’ art exhibition in Amsterdam. His paintings will remain here until the end of the year. Those interested can visit the exhibition at ‘Het Claverhuis’, located at Elandsgracht 70.